Why Loctite®

Why Use the Loctite® Brand?

Henkel Loctite® is the most recognized name in the industry, and our line of Pre-Applied adhesives range in strength, temperature resistance, and viscosity which provides for optimum locking and sealing capabilities for most OEM specifications and many other industries, and assemblies. You can trust Loctite® Pre-Applied products as the leader of adhesive coatings on the market today and we provide these coatings at a great value.

The Benefits of Pre-Applied Loctite®

To remove the need to apply sealants, and adhesives during assembly, we offer a complete range of pre-applied Loctite® coatings for locking and/or sealing. Here are a few of the major reasons why our customers choose us, and why you should too!

  Standardized application, no mess and no wait, ready to use, which saves time and cost.
  Range of strengths for many applications and colors for easy identification
  All are water-based products, so no fear of fire, health or safety risks
  They have a high temperature
resistance – up to 200°C
  Adheres to many substrates
  Available for a wide range of fastener sizes and becomes a lock and seal fastener when coated
  NSF 61 Approval for DRI (Dri-Seal) products
  Solvent/chemical resistant- all oils (motor, ATF), water, glycol, petrol, diesel