Why Use the Loctite® Brand?

Henkel Loctite® is the most recognized name in the industry, and our line of Pre-Applied adhesives range in strength, temperature resistance, and viscosity which provides for optimum locking and sealing capabilities for most OEM specifications and many other industries, and assemblies. You can trust Loctite® Pre-Applied products as the leader of adhesive coatings on the market today and we provide these coatings at a great value.

A complete range of products for specific customer applications is available with various strengths, temperature resistances and lubricating properties. Distinctive colours enable easy inspection and identification of different grades. Pre-treated components can be reused after disassembly by applying the appropriate liquid LOCTITE® Thread Locking or Thread Sealing product.

The entire Henkel pre-applied range of coatings is environmentally friendly. Dri-Loc® and Dri-Seal® products are all water-based, ensuring that manufacturing, application, drying and assembly processes are sustainable. Our products are free of organic solvents, such as toluene and xylene, in line with the global trend to reduce the use of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Benefits of Pre-Applied Loctite®

To remove the need to apply sealants, and adhesives during assembly, we offer a complete range of pre-applied Loctite® coatings for locking and/or sealing. Here are a few of the major reasons why our customers choose us, and why you should too!

Global reach – local supply

Henkel has a longstanding co-operation with preferred partner Pre-Applied Centres throughout Europe. Thanks to this network, the trusted LOCTITE technology is available locally in all regions with a complete coating service for customer parts. The Pre-Applied Centres have fully automatic coating machines which enable almost any size or shape of a bolt, screw, stud, plug, nut or other fitting to be professionally coated.

Henkel’s preferred partner Pre-Applied Centres offer:

  • Services according to respective ISO norms
  • State-of-the-art coating facilities
  • Guaranteed total quality at every stage
  • Complete range of services
  • Full technical support