Shot Blasting

Rusty parts? Surface imperfections? Or perhaps you need to strengthen your metal? You’ve come to the right place. SOLEOS is your most versatile shot blasting partner in Rohtak.

As shot blasting goes hand-in-hand with our other services, this part of our business has become something we do in addition to Geocote & Loctite. And since surface preparation is almost always overlooked when people have their lines painted, we wanted to explain as much as we could about the process.

General Introduction to Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is a surface treatment process using high velocity steel abrasive. Shot blasting is method through which it is possible to obtain excellent cleaning and surface preparation for secondary finishing operations. Shot blasting is commonly used for:

  • The cleaning of iron, steel, non-cast parts, forgings, etc.
  • Mechanical cleaning of sheets, rods, coils, wire, etc.
  • Shot peening to alter mechanical properties (increasing resistance to fatigue for springs, gears, etc.)
  • Preparing surfaces to be painted, coated, etc. In general shot blasting concentrates abrasive particles at high speed (65-110 m/second) in a controlled manner at the material thereby removing surface contaminates due to the abrasive impact.

Advantages of Shot Blasting

As now we are familiar of this blasting process and are aware of its uses in almost all types of industries that uses materials like metal, foundry, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, railways, shipbuilding industries and many more.

Some of the significant advantages that make the use of shot blasting a requisite one:

  • This blasting removes corrosion like rust and other impurities from surfaces of materials. The corrosive builds may include faded paint, rust, mill scale, chemical stains, heat treatment scale and many more.
  • It is the most efficient and effective way for preparing a metal surface before the painting or coating of the surface to make it smoother.
  • This process is a great technique that helps to build a much better bond between the blasted surface and the protective coating layer. This technique provides a high blast pattern accuracy resulting in a great finished surface.
  • The technique helps to increase the lifespan and the endurance of coatings that will be done in future.
  • It is a commendable method to reveal and identify any surface defects that may occur over time.
  • Shot blasting is one of the most eco- friendly options for the removal of corrosion and the preparation of surface prior to painting or coating of the surface.
  • The blasting only uses abrasive medium and pressure for the finishing of surfaces.
  • No acids are used during the shot blasting process.
  • Physical Pellets is the only form of clean-up that is required.
  • Only abrasive medium are used with force for cleaning of the metal surfaces
  • The process of this blasting minimizes the operational cost and the maintenance cost of the machinery.
  • It also boosts the production rate that is the wider the abrasive selection, the better the blast pattern accuracy.
  • During this process the dust is swept away through a powerful vacuum and dust collection system that is available in the shot blasting machine.
  • Shot blasting is great for industries and machines as it helps to evade the usage of non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals for cleaning and maintenance.

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