Dri-Loc Plastic® is a nylon pre-applied partial coating on the thread of the bolls to avoid self-loosening of the part in use. The nylon element fills partially a portion of the bolt thread. The blocking effect is produced by making a resistance to the engagement caused by deformation of the plastic that fills up the external thread, since the plastic pushes the mating element against the bolt, allowing a fastening effect.



LOCTITE DRI-LOC PLASTIC® fasteners can be repeatedly installed and removed without damage to threads. LOCTITE DRI-LOC PLASTIC® fasteners are particularly resistant to deformation, which makes it ideal for reuse.


The nylon applied in LOCTITE DRI-LOC PLASTIC® processing will not dry, shrink, or lose resiliency when exposed to commercial solvents, alcohol, gasoline, oil, caustic soda, jet fuel, etc.


Meets and exceeds IFI Specifications 124 & 524 as well as Military specification MIL-DTL-18240F, Type P, for temperatures from -70°F (-56°C) to +250°F (121°C).


The LOCTITE DRI-LOC PLASTIC® process involves no drilling or milling, so there is no loss of fastener strength or hardness and no troublesome burrs or chips


Nylon is typically applied 90° which helps prevent gas and fluid leakage along the thread helix. However sealing functionality can be increased by completely coating the fastener 360°.


  • Saves Time: DRI-LOC PLASTIC® fasteners can be automatically fed through standard feeding devices and require no cure time after installation.
  • Saves Money: Eliminates the need for costly lock washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts. Moreover, DRI-LOC PLASTIC® is less expensive than applying bottled threadlockers at the point of assembly.
  • Quality Control: Pre-Applied parts are coated to specification, ensuring consistent performance unlike bottled products. DRI-LOC PLASTIC® application area and torque can be customized to meet specific needs.
  • Operator Friendly: DRI-LOC PLASTIC® reduces fatigue by greatly reduces the need for re-tightening. Is also non-toxic and safe to handle.
  • Increased Margins: Add value to your fasteners without adding to inventory by supply customers with self-locking fasteners.
  • Easy to use: Works on a wide range of material finishes


  • Nylon material normally positioned one to three threads back from the end of the fastener to assure ease of starting.
  • The normal coating length of the nylon patch is four to six threads. Special Patch location and coating length can be specified for specific applications.
  • Indefinite on part life under ideal storage conditions [+40°F (+4°C) to +90°F (+32°C)], but re-certification must occur once a year.
  • All fasteners should be from the same lot to ensure consistent induction heating during the application process.
  • To adjust for torque generated by patch, see the chart below.