Steps involved in Coating application.

About Soleos INC

A specialist and ONLY coating service provider that provides “METAL FINISHING” and “PRE-APPLIED” solutions under one roof in India.

  • Strategically located processing centre in Rohtak - An Automotive fasteners hub
  • QUALITY – SOLEOS Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Licenced product Portfolio – Loctite® & GeoCote™
  • Green Products - RoHS and REACH Compliance
  • Fast Turnaround Time : 5Bn parts coated per year
  • Meet Industrial OEM’s and Automotive Specifications – ISO; DIN; JASO etc...
  • Improve productivity and quality through High speed automated coating machines
  • Proven from past 140 Years
  • Vibrant & Heat Resistant
  • Dry-to-Touch Coating Up to 4 years life
  • Ready to use fasteners.
  • Assured Performance
  • Insensitive to oil and grease after curing
  • Complete Range Dri-Loc® and Dri-Seal®, Anti- Seize & Dri-Loc Plastic®
  • Chromium Free – NO HEXAVALENT or TRIVALENT in the liquid or on parts.
  • Water Base – Free from dangerous solvents.
  • No hydrogen embitterment - No risk to high-strength fasteners.
  • Galvanic and self-repairing properties - results in high on-vehicle performance.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance - provides excellent cyclic corrosion performance
  • Organic-Inorganic Hybrid : Better Technology Better Results
  • Multiple Methods for Application – Spray, Dip-Spin , Dip-Drain